Heroes in the Shadows

A Fragile Web Part 2

Scene 1: Role-Playing Encounter

The heroes meet at the Carric Manor(Merely a shack compared to that of higher nobles, but a manor nonetheless.) They decide find Captain Braedon and redeem their reward. They find a commotion in front of the Baranti Manor. In front of the imposing structure, standing guard was a few guards. A skinny youth was having a serious discussion with the Lieutenant. The heroes decided to intervene before it got too bloody. The youth introduced himself as Green. He reminds them that he was the one who healed them to full health yesterday. He informs them that the Captain is missing and that the Lieutenant has taken command of the guards. Green believes that the Captain has gotten in trouble with the Stilled tongue cultists, but the Lieutenant refuses to see reason. The heroes agree to help Green. After all, they wont get any rewards if the Captain wont vouch for their involvement. The party, now including Green, decide to go to the Chantry of the Stilled tongue hide-out.

Scene 2: Combat Encounter

From the outside, the building at the end of Cooper Lane looked no different than those surrounding it. It’s stone, backed right up to the wall of the city, stood two stories tall, and has but one door.Chantry of the stilled tongue

Green is a little scared by all the residual magic emanating from the building. He informs his party, but they still decide to move on. As soon as they enter the house, they are met with 2 formidable opponents. They manage to kill them. After a perception(seeing) test by Carric, he infers that there are no more visible opponents in this floor. The floor is theirs for looting.



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