Heroes in the Shadows

Introduction-A Fragile Web Part 1

A Fragile Web

Scene 1: Role-playing encounter

The Pearl is a prominent brothel in Denerim. A hotspot for all the latest rumors(if you know where to look). This is where the story begins.

Elden Carric is meeting with his contact here. His job completed, Spade had some info to share. The main topic of discussion is not known. Spade leaves the table. Carric listens to a conversation in the next table.

Zathrian shared the table with an elf. A friend of his from the alienage, Alarith. The elven merchant is sorry to tell him that he can’t help him with any jobs. He complains that the Chantry of the Stilled Tongue have shook everybody in Denerim. Zathrian expresses his wish to join the Grey Wardens at this point, but wonders how to get there without company or money during such dangerous times.

Carric cuts in at this moment. He’s sorry that he eaves dropped, but he says he’s interested to join the party. He says the Grey wardens are in Ostagar now and he needs to get somewhere near himself.

A hooded elf aproaches them and suggests they step out of the Pearl. Too many ears listening, he insists. Zathrian and Carric agrees and steps out of the tavern with the hooded figure who then reveals himself as Ezio Sabrae. He also wishes to join the party. He says he has something to do with the Grey Wardens too.

Scene 2: Combat Encounter

They are walking through the back alleys of Denerim, discussing possible ways to earn some money and glory. It’s a cool and misty night in Denerim. All but the nearest torches and lanterns are glowing blobs of light hanging in midair. The city smells like a wet dog. In this kind of mist you can hear people approaching long before you can see them. They thought the half-dozen or so pairs of feet pounding toward them in the darkness were guardsmen if it weren’t for the horrible gurgling. Five people emerge from the mist. All wear off-white robes stained with blood. One carried a child’s body over his shoulder. The adventurers ready their weapons, vary. When they see the adventurers, the five slow to a halt.

“Go about your business, strangers,” spits the burly man carrying the child.
“This is the Maker’s work.”

Carric did a history lore test and found out that these are Stilled tongue cultists and they have been terrorising Denerim. They kidnap young kids, after killing their parents. They are later found without their tongue. Most don’t survive. He mentions his doubts to his companions.

“Ok, we don’t want any trouble,” Zathrian says and moves out of the way, but nobody sheaths their weapons.

The adventurers jump them and start attacking when the cultists turn their back. They are surprised. (Due to the dense fog, everybody recieves -2 penalty to perception tests and ranged attack rolls.)

The adventurers are outnumbered, but they still manage to kill 4 of the cultists. Zathrian pulls one of the killing blow. Before the unconscious cultist woke up, they searched the corpses. They found 60 silver pieces(sp) and a note with an address in the market district. A few seconds later the cultist began to stir. When he saw he was cornered he drew a hidden blade and cut his own throat. The adventurers weren’t fast enough to do anything.

As they are trying to figure out what to do next, more footsteps are heard coming up the street. Moments later, four men in heavy mail, carrying swords, appear out of the mist, the emblem of House Baranti emblazoned on their shields. They stop when they see the bodies, and one speaks:

“I’m Braedon, captain of Bann Nicola Baranti house guard.” He indicates the corpses of
the cultists and continues:

“We learned these bastards were out again tonight. We weren’t fast enough to stop the first kidnapping. Thank the Maker you dealt with this one.”

Braedon brandishes a piece of paper with four addresses on it, similar to the one you just found. “There are two more groups out there, and no time. Who are you people? Can you help?”

“We’d like very much to help. but we’re badly injured,” said Carric.

“We have some healers with us, they’ll heal you to full health. There’re two more addresses. Take the one on Tern Street. We’ll take Dogget Lane, and I’ll leave one of my men to see to the boy.” He adds, under his breath, regarding the boy:

“We came from his house. Parents murdered.” He grimaces.

“If we don’t see each other again tonight, look for me tomorrow at Bann Nicola Baranti’s manor. There’s a reward in it.” Without waiting for your assent, Braedon and his men head out. They decides to go to the address in Tern street right away.

Scene 3: Combat Encounter

Tern StreetAs they approached, nothing seemed out of the ordinary at the Tern Street house. The house is dark inside save for a single dim light, probably from a single candle. They made a Perception (Hearing) test.

Ezio notices a lot of things at the same time. He heared muffled shouting and screaming from inside. Sounded like someone’s crying for help. He also heared thumping and cursing—like someone’s trying to break down a door. He noticed that the light in the window doesn’t flicker like a candle would. It looked like some kind of magic to him. When inquired with Zatharin, he confirmed the light as that of a spell wisp. He also heard movement across a wall near an entrance to the alley that he guessed runs behind the house.

Ezio stealthily moves towards the alley. The others remained near the door, keeping watch. Ezio saw a shadow moving towards a window of the house through the alley. He attacks right away. Even with backstab, he couldn’t get in a killing blow. The cultist calls out to his comrades. There comes a scream from inside the house and a loud banging noice. There was cnfusion everywhere. Ezio leaves his post and moves back towards the door. The element of surprise they thought they had was lost and there was chaos. The mage inside had rock armor and killing him was hard. They barely managed to get out of it alive.

They were too slow to save everyone. Three people were lying in a pool of blood in the bedroom. On further inspection, both the father and son is alive. The mother died due to blood loss. The survivors were given first aid. They then searched the bodies. Again they found a small cache of 60sp. They also uncovered a note with an address which they figured was their base of operation.

They were too injured to go investigate that day, so they retired. and decided to meet up at the Baranti Manor next day to collect their reward.



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