Elden Carric

Human, Warrior


Born and bought up in Denerim, the son of a war hero and a minor noble. His father, Brandon Carric fought in the rebellion under Loghain ’s command. He was raised to nobility right after Maric was raised to throne. He retired as a guard captain. Elden was brought up in a small estate in Denerim. Being a trouble maker from young age, he was fairly familiar with all the back alleys in Denerim. When he was still a kid, his father disappeared and was never heard from again.

He’s not a kid anymore. He grew up into a strong and ambitious warrior. Living under the shadow of father is not enough for him anymore.

One day he was visited by his father’s closest friend. Forrin was also in Maric’s army. Brandon had a letter with him before he disappeared. Whatever the letter revealed, Elden left it to himself.

Elden Carric

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