Ezio Sabrae

Elf, Rogue


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Sabrae clan is one of the prominent among the clans in Ferelden. They are among the few who dare to venture through the most dangerous parts of the Brecilian Forest and still come out without a scratch. Nobody knows the forests more than they do. They are never short of talented rangers. One such ranger is Ezio. A passionate child of Harrim and Aniria(both deceased), he learnt a great bit of elvish history. He loathed running away from the chantry and always kept urging the Keeper to make a stand against them. The keeper, afraid to shed anymore elvish blood than necessary, kept arguing with him.

Ezio couldn’t stand anymore. Everybody in the clan was used to being commanded by the keeper and they failed to listen to his reason. In the middle of the night, he left unseen. Now he roams around big cities visiting the Alienages trying to rise them to rebellion, but to no avail. Frustrated, he realizes he has to do everything by himself.

Ezio Sabrae

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