Elf, Mage


Elder of the elvish twin brothers, Zathrian is the only one that showed magical potential. The twins never knew their mother. Their father was a frequent traveler, never sticking to one place. The boys soon found that the key to surviving was being invisible. The father, Armon, went for a job and never came back.

Soon after the disappearance, Zathrian found out about his inherent magic abilities. The twins soon fell into their old method of travel. The younger brother, Mérathen, only sticked because of his love to his brother. Once they came of age, they decided to travel different paths. Zathrian drifted to Denerim and haven’t heard from his family since.

Since growing up hearing about the legendary Grey Wardens, Zathrian wishes to join their ranks. He also assumes this will send the templars off his trail.


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